The Second Battle of El Alamein (23 October – 11 November 1942) was a battle of the Second World War that took place near the Egyptian railway halt of El Alamein. The German cemetery is an ossuary, built in the style of a medieval fortress.[1]. [43] The 4th Indian Infantry Division, on the far left of the XXX Corps front at Ruweisat Ridge, made a mock attack and two small raids intended to deflect attention to the centre of the front.[44]. 7-lug-2019 - Esplora la bacheca "EL ALAMEIN" di Aldino Bondesan su Pinterest. Si sono svolti oggi presso la Chiesa Parrocchiale di Roveredo in Piano in funerali di Michelangelo Scandola, uno degli ultimi sopravvissuti della storica battaglia di El Alamein (1942), deceduto nei giorni scorsi presso l’Ospedale civile di … British Eighth Army. [24], As a preliminary, the 131st (Queen's) Infantry Brigade of the 44th (Home Counties) Infantry Division, supported by tanks from the 4th Armoured Brigade, launched Operation Braganza attacking the 185th Airborne Division Folgore on the night of 29/30 September in an attempt to capture the Deir el Munassib area. [38] After twenty minutes of general bombardment, the guns switched to precision targets in support of the advancing infantry. Book. [21], For the first night of the offensive, Montgomery planned for four infantry divisions of XXX Corps to advance on a 16 mi (26 km) front to the Oxalic Line, over-running the forward Axis defences. Business & Beauty. The 5th Indian Infantry Brigade was to attack the track 4 mi (6.4 km) further south during the early hours of 4 November; at 06:15, the 154th Infantry Brigade was to attack Tel el Aqqaqir. 24 Personen sprechen darüber. Data: 23 OTTOBRE - 4 NOVEMBRE 1942 Luogo: EL-ALAMEIN (Localit; Second Battle of El Alamein; Part of the Western Desert Campaign of World War II: 24 October 1942: Soldiers of the 9th Australian Infantry … The Italian XX Corps and the Ariete Division conformed to their position and Rommel replied to Hitler confirming his determination to hold the battlefield. Eighth Army counter-attacks in July also failed, as the Axis forces dug in and regrouped. Two armoured divisions and a motorised division, which had been interspersed among the German formations, thought they would be allowed to retire gracefully with Rommel's 21st, 15th and 19th [sic] light. By 04:00, the lead tanks were in the minefields, where they stirred up so much dust that there was no visibility at all, traffic jams developed and tanks bogged down. [62] The Trieste Division was ordered from Fuka to replace the 90th Light Division at Ed Daba but the 21st Panzer Division and the Ariete Division made slow progress during the night under constant attack from DAF bombers.[63]. A battle group from the 21. [65] [124] The last rearguards left Matruh on the night of 7/8 November but were only able to hold Sidi Barrani until the evening of 9 November. Before he left for Germany on 23 September, Rommel organised the defence and wrote a long appreciation of the situation to Oberkommando der Wehrmacht (OKW armed forces high command), once again setting out the essential needs of the Panzer Army.[29]. Churchill said. Afrika Korps War Diary, 30 September 1942, The Phantom Army of Alamein: The Men Who Hoodwinked Rommel The New Zealanders got off to a slow start because its units were dispersed after the recent fighting and took time to concentrate. Panzer-Division launched four attacks against "Thompson's Post" on 31 October, all being repulsed. Scopri (e salva) i tuoi Pin su Pinterest. Object category Books Production date 1963 Creator BLAMEY, A.E. El Alamein: il fronte di El Alamein ha sicuramente un'importanza notevole per gli amanti della storia militare italiana. Superior orders could no longer count. [21] Artillery and the Allied Desert Air Force, making over 1,000 sorties,[45] attacked Axis positions all day to aid the 'crumbling' of the Axis forces. Rommel pressed ahead with his advance to Alamein and as predicted, supply difficulties limited the attacking potential of the axis forces. Historians debate the reasons Rommel decided to advance into Egypt. [79] Rommel told his commanders, "It will be quite impossible for us to disengage from the enemy. ), XII e 1 nella Trieste 'l'XI carri . New Zealand engineers cleared five lines through the mines allowing the Royal Dragoons armoured car regiment to slip out into the open and spend the day raiding the Axis communications. If successful, large numbers of British and Commonwealth forces would have to be sent from the Egyptian front to reinforce the Ninth Army in Iran, leading to the postponement of any offensive against his army. Nota serie curata dallo storico David Chandler. [107] In his diary, Rommel wrote, Enormous dust-clouds could be seen south and south-east of headquarters [of the DAK], where the desperate struggle of the small and inefficient Italian tanks of XX Corps was being played out against the hundred or so British heavy tanks which had come round their open right flank. [131] According to General Giuseppe Rizzo, total Axis casualties included 25,000 men killed or wounded (including 5,920 Italians killed) and 30,000 prisoners (20,000 Italians and 10,724 Germans), 510 tanks and 2,000 field guns, anti-tank guns, anti-aircraft guns. Brigadier Currie had tried to get the brigade out of doing this job, stating that he believed the brigade would be attacking on too wide a front with no reserves and that they would most likely have 50 percent losses. Hitler had already decided that Rommel should leave his sanatorium and return to North Africa. Rommel added depth to his defences by creating at least two belts of mines about 3.1 mi (5 km) apart, connected at intervals to create boxes (Devil's gardens) which would restrict enemy penetration and deprive British armour of room for manoeuvre. Centauro), 3 nella 133a Littorio il LI, IV (ex del 31° Rgt. [108][k], The Littorio Armoured Division and the Trieste Motorised Division were also destroyed. In a running fight, the 21st Panzer Division lost 16 tanks and numerous guns, narrowly escaping encirclement and reached Mersa Matruh that evening. Emilio Camozzi. However the minefields were not yet fully cleared when the assault began. [18] Submarine and air transport somewhat eased the shortage of ammunition and by late October, there was sixteen days' supply at the front. Weblinks. At the Kidney feature, the British failed to take advantage of the absent tanks; each time they tried to move forward they were stopped by anti-tank guns. Pandemonium and carnage ensued, resulting in the loss of over 500 Allied troops, and leaving only one officer among the attacking forces. On 27 August, Kesselring promised Rommel that supplies would arrive in time but Westphal pointed out that such an expectation would be unrealistic and the offensive should not begin until they had arrived. By dark, the division was only 15 mi (24 km) west of the Rahman track, the 9th Armoured Brigade was still at the track and the 6th New Zealand Brigade even further back. Découvrez vos propres épingles sur Pinterest et enregistrez-les. On seeing Brigadier Currie asleep on a stretcher, he approached him saying, "Sorry to wake you John, but I'd like to know where your tanks are?" [67], At 06:00, the 2nd Armoured Brigade commenced its advance and ran into such stiff opposition that, by noon, it had still not linked with the KRRC. By this time, the main battle was concentrated around Tel el Aqqaqir and the Kidney feature at the end of 1st Armoured Division's path through the minefield. €7.00. [93], The reply came from Freyberg that Montgomery. Anmelden Konto und Listen Anmelden Konto und Listen Bestellungen Entdecken Sie Prime Einkaufs-wagen. “DOBBIAMO INCHINARCI DAVANTI AI RESTI DI QUELLI CHE FURONO I LEONI DELLA FOLGORE“. A significant proportion of his armoured reserve was dispersed and held unusually far forward. Lieutenant-General Bernard Freyberg, had tried to free them of this task, as they had lost 1,405 men in just three days, at El Ruweisat Ridge in July. Lieutenant-General William Gott was made commander of the Eighth Army but was killed when his transport aircraft was shot down by Luftwaffe fighters; Lieutenant-General Bernard Montgomery was flown from Britain to replace him. Regia Enzo Monteleone. On the morning of 11 November, the 5th New Zealand Infantry Brigade captured the pass, taking 600 Italian prisoners. The 2nd New Zealand Division with two lorried infantry brigades and the 9th Armoured and 4th Light Armoured brigades under command, was to head west along desert tracks to the escarpment above Fuka, about 60 mi (97 km) away. The New Zealand Division group had hoped to reach their objective by mid-morning on 5 November but was held up by artillery-fire when picking their way through what turned out to be a dummy minefield and the 15th Panzer Division got there first. The 152nd Infantry Brigade was mistakenly told the Axis had withdrawn from their objectives and unexpectedly met determined resistance. Ratings & Reviews | Product Details. Many tombs bear the soldier's name; many are simply marked IGNOTO, ie. Nel suo tragico epilogo, El Alamein rappresentò il canto del cigno dell’Armata Corazzata Italo-Tedesca: ingaggiata in quella che sarebbe stata la battaglia decisiva della guerra in Africa Settentrionale, subì l’annientamento nel corso di furiosi combattimenti contro un nemico molto più forte in uomini e mezzi. Rommel continued to request equipment, supplies and fuel but the priority of the German war effort was the Eastern Front and very limited supplies reached North Africa. British tanks attacking the Folgore sector were fought off with petrol bombs and mortar fire as well as with the obsolete Italian 47 mm cannons. The regiments ran out of fuel again, 30 mi (48 km) south-west of Mersa Matruh. [77] The Australians suffered 200 casualties in that attack and suffered 27 killed and 290 wounded. Montgomery decided that the planned advance southward from Miteirya Ridge by the New Zealanders would be too costly and instead decided that XXX Corps—while keeping firm hold of Miteirya—should strike northward toward the coast with 9th Australian Division. Pandora Rivista. There is no gasoline for such a manoeuvre. Un modo, se vuole, lo trova sempre!' [105], On 4 November, the Eighth Army plan for pursuit began at dawn; no fresh units were available and the 1st and 7th Armoured divisions were to turn northwards to roll up the Axis units still in the forward lines. "CHOOKS" (Author) Natal Witness (printer) (Publisher) Object Title Rugby … The place was strewn with burning tanks and carriers, wrecked guns and vehicles, and over all drifted the smoke and the dust from bursting high explosives and from the blasts of guns. Some hours of confused fighting ensued involving tanks from the Littorio and troops and anti-tank guns from 15th Panzer which managed to keep the British armour at bay in spite of the support of the Rifle Brigade battle group's anti-tank guns. Dott.ssa Annarita Antoniani - Psicologa. Rommel was ill and in early September, arrangements were made for him to return to Germany on sick leave and for General der Panzertruppe Georg Stumme to transfer from the Russian front to take his place. The morning of Saturday 24 October brought disaster for the German headquarters.The Axis forces were stunned by Allied attack and their messages became confused and hysterical, with one Italian unit communicating to Germans that it had been wiped out by "drunken negroes with tanks"[46] The reports that Stumme had received that morning showed the attacks had been on a broad front but that such penetration as had occurred should be containable by local units. The Italians fought to the last man. Einaudi, Turin 1978. [135], The Axis made a fighting withdrawal to El Agheila but the Axis troops were exhausted and had received few replacements, while Montgomery had planned to transport material over great distances, to provide the Eighth Army with 2,400 t (2,646 short tons) of supplies per day. 275 German (150 serviceable) including 80 dive bombers) and 400 Italian (200 serviceable) aircraft. Lieutenant-General Bernard Montgomery was appointed and led the Eighth Army offensive. [129] In a note to The Rommel Papers, Fritz Bayerlein (quoting figures obtained from Offizieller Bericht des Oberkommandos Afrika) instead estimated German losses in the battle as 1,100 killed, 3,900 wounded and 7,900 prisoners and Italian losses as 1,200 killed, 1,600 wounded and 20,000 prisoners. If possible, verify the text with references provided in the foreign-language article. This product can be bought with COD Description; Product Details; Storia (1969). Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. [94][93] German tanks, which had penetrated between the Warwickshire Yeomanry and Royal Wiltshire Yeomanry, also caused many casualties. [2] These include four Victoria Cross recipients:[3], This has monuments commemorating Greek, New Zealand, Australian, South African, Indian and Canadian forces. I had never seen a battlefield before and the site [sic] of so many dead was sickening. Arras is a WordPress theme designed for news or review sites with lots of customisable features. Diversions at Ruweisat Ridge in the centre and also the south of the line would keep the rest of the Axis forces from moving northwards. Montgomery's plan was for a main attack to the north of the line and a secondary attack to the south, involving XXX Corps (Lieutenant-General Oliver Leese) and XIII Corps (Lieutenant-General Brian Horrocks), while X Corps (Lieutenant-General Herbert Lumsden) was to exploit the success. Visualizza altre idee su Guerra mondiale, Seconda guerra mondiale, Esercito. El-Alamein (Gli elefanti. Anti-tank mines would not be tripped by soldiers stepping on them since they were too light. By early morning, the Axis forces launched a series of attacks using 15th Panzer and Littorio divisions. In the south, the famed Folgore parachute division fought to the last round of ammunition. [50], The attack in the XIII Corps sector to the south fared no better. [40], The 7th Armoured Division (with one Free French Brigade under command) from XIII Corps (Lieutenant-General Brian Horrocks) made a secondary attack to the south. [54] They took the position and 240 prisoners. There is also a Commonwealth war cemetery, built and maintained by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission, with graves of soldiers from various countries who fought on the Allied side. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. The initial objective was the Oxalic Line with the armour intending to advance over this and on to the Pierson Line. [20] The infantry battle would continue as the Eighth Army infantry "crumbled" the deep Axis defensive fortifications (three successive lines of fortification had been constructed) and destroy any tanks that attacked them. The First Battle of El Alamein and the Battle of Alam el Halfa had prevented the Axis from advancing further into Egypt. Personal Blog. BATTAGLIA DI EL-ALAMEIN. Edit. Private Sid Martindale, 1st Battalion Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders, wrote about the "Bologna" Division, which had taken the full weight of the British armoured attack:[l], The more we advanced the more we realised that the Italians did not have much fight in them after putting up a strong resistance to our overwhelming advance and they started surrendering to our lead troops in droves. Because of the distances involved, the troops were riding on 46th R.T.R. In the reverse direction, the sight and sound of our own air forces operating against the enemy have an equally satisfactory effect on our own troops. CWGC Cemetery Report, Alamein Cremation Memorial. Storia di un decennio, Mailand: Garzanti Libri 2003. [20], Further north along the XIII Corps front, the 50th Infantry Division achieved a limited and costly success against determined resistance from the Pavia Division, Brescia Division and elements of the 185th Airborne Division Folgore. [130], According to the Italian official history, Axis losses during the battle were 4,000 to 5,000 killed or missing, 7,000 to 8,000 wounded and 17,000 prisoners; during the retreat the losses rose to 9,000 killed or missing, 15,000 wounded and 35,000 prisoners. Figli di El Alamein. Over 100 tanks were involved and half were destroyed by dark. Rommel had also interspersed formations from the Trieste and 15th Panzer Divisions to "corset" his weaker forces in the front line. The division had left behind a panzergrenadier regiment which would bolster the Trieste Division which had been ordered forward to replace it. W. Churchill 27-lug-2016 - Questo Pin è stato scoperto da IRVING OTTANTA. 9th Australian Division, in the north, should plan a crumbling operation for that night, while in the southern sector, 7th Armoured should continue to try to break through the minefields with support, if necessary, from 44th Division. This allowed Eighth Army to build up supplies in the forward area unnoticed by the Axis, by replacing the rubbish with ammunition, petrol or rations at night. Quantity. As of 2007, it had a population of 7,397 inhabitants. Roma Club Vallecorsa 1974. Location 5 km north-west Bir el Abd. El Alamein has a hot desert climate Köppen climate classification BWh, in common with most of the Middle East and north Africa. Both moves failed, the 7th Armoured Division finished the day 20 mi (32 km) short of its objective. CWGC Cemetery Report, El Alamein War Cemetery. [72] Lucas-Phillips, in his Alamein records that: The desert was quivering with heat. Grande e piccola storia (Book 4) Share your thoughts Complete your review. Book. So our armour must do it. The infantry and tanks lost touch with each other in fighting with the 125th Panzergrenadier Regiment and a battalion of 7th Bersaglieri Regiment sent to reinforce the sector and the advance came to a halt. Brossura editoriale ingiallita e ombrata con lievi segni d'uso. 292) (Italian Edition) eBook: Petacco, Arrigo: Kindle-Shop The Italian Trento Division had lost 50 per cent of its infantry and most of its artillery, the 164th Light Division had lost two battalions. 214 Pin • 14 follower. Da ragazzo di bottega alla battaglia di El Alamein. Between July and November – in three bloody confrontations – the Allied forces prevented the capture of the Suez Canal, the British Empire’s main logistics route, and the Middle East’s oilfields. Visualizza altre idee su guerra mondiale, seconda guerra mondiale, esercito. British figures, based on Ultra intercepts, gave German casualties as 1,149 killed, 3,886 wounded and 8,050 men captured. The Axis naturally noticed these but, as no offensive action immediately followed and the "dumps" did not change in appearance, they were subsequently ignored.