Mark my words, I will not forget what you have done to me! In the 2019 live-action adaptation of Aladdin, the Genie is portrayed by Will Smith, with his appearance alternating between his classic blue-skin and a human form as a disguise to blend in. And that's a bad thing? [6], "Robin Williams in 'Aladdin': Animator Eric Goldberg remembers drawing Genie", "Exclusive: 'Aladdin' Composer Alan Menken Pens Tribute to the 'Brilliant' Robin Williams", "Disney Networks to Air 'Aladdin' in Honor of Robin Williams", "Robin Williams: His 5 Most Memorable Roles", "Aladdin 2019: Biggest Changes From The Original Animation", "5 Facts You Didn't Know About The Original Aladdin Movie",, Animated film characters introduced in 1992, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 10 January 2021, at 03:18. No. Of course you like it, boy! : Aladdin So, you got the girl. I mean, you get my point. In the remake, wishes must be done with more specific words or else the Genie could give something different than was intended, something Aladdin later uses to trick Jafar into becoming a genie. Cosseted princess Jasmine (Naomi Scott) dreams of freedom. Check out Medley Aladino: Un Genio Genial / Principe Ali / Un Mundo Ideal (De "Aladino") by Fantasía Infantil on Amazon Music. Genie Genie Genie Maybe I went a tad far with the backflip... but that dance may be the best thing you ever do in your life. 1920 x 824 jpeg 221kB. : : That's your personal business, but we gonna need to talk about that monkey later. Genie He rescues Aladdin as the second wish upon liberally interpreting Aladdin's nodding head. Aladdin : We'll see about that. He also appears to be just as powerful as he was in the first film, as he has no problem with anything he tries, something that implies that his reduction of power was merely temporary. Aladdin Eventually, his lamp is placed in the Cave of Wonders, where it is found by Aladdin. Yam jams! He is shown to have unlimited shapeshifting abilities, which allow for many and varied sight gags; however, he is unable to kill anyone, make anyone fall in love, fully revive the dead, or provide additional wishes. Juegos online dedicados a la pelicula Aladdin de Disney. Only way a genie gets to be free is if the owner of the lamp uses one of his wishes to set him free, and the last time that happened was, like, the fourth of Never-ary. Jams? This was your wish, not mine! For a friend. Mmm. I... thought you'd be happy me. Yam jams, fig jams... Dalia 1 talking about this. "A thousand years." Genie : Iago the parrot soon steals Genie's lamp and delivers it to Jafar, making Jafar Genie's new master. More powerful than you! I think I finally got the hang of being a prince. What? [Aladdin can only muster a faint terrified squeal]. It's an easy one, though. His role in the first game is mostly the same as in the film as his lamp is found by Aladdin. But I am Sultan! I broke the rules for you. Genie Nevertheless, he still acts as Aladdin’s best friend and moral support. Aladdin Prince Aladdin He serves me! : [last line; At the ending of the dancing finale], [looking around with a conjured telescope]. Genie : I know I told you I'd use it to set you free, but you heard the Sultan. That's like my whole cherry on top! I like it. ¡Ahí viene! You're my master. Why'd you rub the lamp under an... archway? I can't let everything that we've worked for fall apart. : [he snickers, and Carpet pantomimes doubling over with laughter]. Stream ad-free or purchase CD's and MP3s now on Genie : But an itty-bitty living space. Aladdin : A genie might have phenomenal cosmic powers... Genie [Jafar rubs the lamp at an Agrabah street corner]. Genie It's showtime! : Don't worry. No one got hurt. : Uh, my boss? : Iago Not gems or jams or jewels. I can just... make you a prince. Later, Genie has a falling out with Aladdin when he starts to think he may have to break his promise to use the third wish, out of fear of what will happen should someone find out he is not royalty. After he explains that he can grant three wishes, Aladdin, knowing that Genie would only grant his wish to get out of the cave if he used one of his wishes, dupes him into freeing Aladdin and Abu from the cave without using a wish. Genie Second! The Genie's supernatural abilities permit him to break the fourth wall, as well as parody real-life people and popular culture completely beyond the boundaries of his native universe. Jafar The album was released by Walt Disney Records on CD and cassette tape on October 27, 1992. I wish to be... to be human. : In The Return of Jafar, the Genie returns to Agrabah after his one-year trip around the world, deciding it isn't all that great without his friends to share it with. Yeah, it's crazy. I'd wish to be free. Their plan to discreetly take the lamp does not go unnoticed and they are drawn into combat. From the jams. [imitating him]  Iago Genie : : Seedless, delicious, ex-exotic jams! For instance, during production of Aladdin Williams would improvise various impersonations at will, and his animator Eric Goldberg would choose the ones that would be translated into the film. Genie What would you wish for? At a faraway oasis, the Genie is shocked when he finds that Aladdin didn't use his first wish to get out of the cave and reluctantly agrees to let Aladdin's first wish to be spared. : There's a lot of gray area in "make me a prince". Jafar Filming & Production You are not out of the game yet. But you'll never have more power than the genie. Wow. Minijuegos online de Aladdin, la princesa Jasmin y el mono Abu para poder jugar online. : May I take your order, please?" 864 x 1169 png 353kB. WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME? Genie Aladdin (2019) Will Smith as Genie, Mariner. Hey, do you mind if I could just stretch it out over here? [from trailer; in a deep voice]  : Despite a brave fight against him, the Genie is outmatched and both he and Abu are imprisoned. : Genie : : [doing a yoga stretch]  Genie : Genie : Genie Subito dopo essere usciti dalla caverna pensa a quale deve essere il suo primo desiderio. : : Las campanas sonando Los tambores redoblando Para dar la bienvenida al chico. First, I'll lay waste to those fools in Shirabad! So, you just never tell her the truth? She just walked out. Official Sites Genie, for my final wish: I wish to become the most powerful being in the universe. : Genie, I wish to be the most powerful sorcerer there is! Genie It cost you a wish, though. You see, a genie without a master, goes back in their lamp. The Sultan likes me. Also, the Genie once again becomes a summon partner for Sora, but his newest feature is copying Sora's Drive forms and wielding his own copy of the Keyblade (excluding the Limit Form in Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix). [2], Reception to Williams' involvement influenced tributes following his 2014 death, with critics considering the Genie to have been his most memorable performance. Genie Aladdin Movies. And I thought I had power before! And a monkey? The Genie saves Jasmine from a dangerous situation as the ground is closing back up by stretching himself so they can get out in time. So, how does it work? Right, but that's not quite how it works, though. Eventually, Iago steals the Genie's lamp, forcing him to show Jafar the keyhole of Agrabah and assist him in fighting Sora and his friends. Join Facebook to connect with Genio Aladdin and others you may know. Then maybe he can be your wife! A couple thousand years in the Cave of Wonders ought to cool you off. Genie [cackles]  Aladdin You said it yourself, you're either the most powerful in the room, or you're nothing. You're gonna keep living the lie? : : : Hey, can you make me a prince? Genie smiles]. Aladdin : Genie : Unlike the first and second films, he does not have an active role in the main plot, resulting in less screen time. One of those was an imitation of Pinocchio's nose growing, which made the Genie's head turn into Pinocchio's. : Genie It's not a lie. Genie Eventually, they are joined by the Sultan, Princess Jasmine and the Carpet who were all captured by Jafar. Aladdin : O Gênio é um personagem do filme Aladdin, de suas sequelas, e de sua série de televisão. Right. : I mean, I did most of the work. What would you like? For now! I saved your life... and for what? : The deal is in the details. É fortão e valentão, o grande Ali. : After being freed from imprisonment by a morally confused Iago, Genie saves Aladdin from being executed by the palace guards, which Jafar had orchestrated by falsely framing Aladdin for murdering the Sultan. Second? : But she has to marry a prince. People like me don't get anything, except by pretending! But nothing seems to impress her. : : But who made you a sultan? I will not forget you, boy! Genie goes into hiding after leading a parade to the Agrabah palace. O Great One who summons me, Terrible One who commands me, I stand by my oath, loyalty to wishes three! Got it all figured now, huh, kid? His powers are lessened by his own admission, as a freed genie is less powerful than one bound to a lamp, though he still retains several of his abilities, most notably shapeshifting, flight, and conjuration. [laughs]  Genie : Aladdin - Prince Alí (Spanish From Spain)Lyrics:Jaffar (hablando):¡La princesa se casará conmigo!Sultán:La princesa... se casará con...¿¡Qué!? 18 Followers, 28 Following, 9 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Príncipe👑 (@aladdin_0234) : What have you done to me? [turning Aladdin in Prince Ali]  Aladdin : Will Smith plays a live-action version of the character in the 2019 live-action adaptation of the original 1992 film. Jafar Welcome to the lamp. The Genie has a major supporting role in the Aladdin television series, although his contributions are sometimes limited; as the show is directly after the sequel, the once-omnipotent Genie is now incapable of undoing some of the spells he is confronted with, and lacks some degree of his old intellect. Jafar As you wish, master. Genie : : That's not me. I will create an empire that history cannot ignore. Oh, no! There will always be some thing, some man, some being more powerful than you. : Aladin Genio on Facebookissa. He misses most of the action, but arrives near the end of Sora's first visit and disturbs Pete when he is about to free Jafar from his lamp. Kid, I don't care nothin' about that wish! [in his normal voice]  : Is that an official wish? Iago Additionally, in this version, the Genie states clearly that his power comes from the lamp as well as himself, with the result that he becomes human when freed from the lamp. : Following a contract dispute between Williams and the Walt Disney Company, Dan Castellaneta voiced the Genie throughout the direct-to-video feature The Return of Jafar, as well as the television series, before Williams reprised the role for the final installment, Aladdin and the King of Thieves, as well as for the character's own mini-series, Great Minds Think for Themselves. : : Mmm. I did, didn't I? : Aladdin is gone. Aladdin : Do we need the topknot? : : Aladdin You can't find what you're looking for in that lamp, Jafar. Y'all seen my palace? You don't get it, Genie! Aladdin Later in the film, when Aladdin, Iago and the Sultan go on an outing without him, the Genie and Abu have a picnic for themselves but are confronted by Jafar. Excuse me, boy, where's your boss? : Genie : : A lot of grey area in that wish. Jim Meskimen took over the role in Disney Think Fast (2008) and Kinect Disneyland Adventures (2011) and currently voices him, after Williams' death in 2014. Oh, yeah, see, genies don't really have friends. : Genie : I said "Oh, great...". You're breaking my heart. No! Aladdin 'Bout a thousand years. Aladdin: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack is the soundtrack for the 1992 Disney animated feature film, Aladdin. | I tried and failed, and so will you. Company Credits : Thank you. Goodbye, Jafar! To not have to say "Poof! Oh, well, you gonna need to go back to the room, then. : The Genie first appears in Aladdin, where he is released from a magical oil lamp by the titular character in the collapsed Cave of Wonders. [grabs Iago, the two get sucked into the lamp]. After the heroes regroup, the Genie reveals destroying Jafar's lamp is the only way they can destroy him. You will always be... second. Genie After Jafar is defeated, Aladdin wishes the Genie free from his lamp. Jafar In ten thousand years, I have never once, ever called a master a friend. : So, what do you think? Genie is released again when Aladdin is shackled, gagged, and thrown off a cliff into the ocean by Jafar's guards. But, you pulled yourself back together a little bit. Asked by Aladdin what he would wish for, Genie admits he would wish for freedom, since genies must follow the orders of a master—in this case, Aladdin. : Aladdin är regisserad av Ron Clements och John Musker, efter filmmanus av bland andra Ted Elliott och Terry Rossio.Filmen vann två Oscar-priser, båda för filmens musik.Den är en fri tolkning ur sagan Aladdin ur Tusen och en natt [laughing]