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The PVS Club is the area reserved for companies that work in the sector of renewable energies:
  • Sector Articles

  • Conferences and Webinar

  • Update Regulations

  • Business Opportuinities

FAQ – Frequent Asked Question

A photovoltaic system is a series of devices that allow you to produce electricity directly from solar radiation through the photovoltaic effect. The parts that compose it are:
  • The photovoltaic modules installed on the roof in the optimal position to absorb solar radiation and have an optimal energy production
  • The inverter is the heart of the system, which is essential for transforming the energy that can be used into our homes
  • The storage battery is not essential but can be combined with the system to accumulate the energy produced and not consumed during the day (surplus) to use it during the night.
Depending on the type of modules and how many kW they intend to install, the necessary space varies. Generally it can be considered, approximately, an area of 7 square meters per 1 kW. The installation of a system with a power of about 3 kW, usually requires at least 15-20 square meters of available surface, possibly free of obstacles (flues, chimneys, dormers or velux etc.).
To make an accurate assessment, it is necessary to carry out an inspection and receive a consultation from a qualified technician that can illustrate the best solution for the installation. In the pre-request phase it is useful to provide the technician with some basic information that can help him in correctly estimating the installation, such as:
  • Annual energy requirements
  • Geographical Localization
  • Indication of the coverage orientation
  • Indication of any areas in the shade or the presence of skylights or dormers
  • The more information you provide, the faster and more precise the analysis of the technician will be that will make you a perfect project.
Today as today a photovoltaic system is always convenient unless the electricity consumption is really too low. The investment time is to be calculated taking into account one's own consumption (energy cost), personal income tax deductions (confirmed at 50% for 2019), size and quality of the plant that you install. Generally the technician who will do the estimate will be able to give you a precise estimate.

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